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Cannon Distillery


Cannon Distillery was founded in the heart of the historic Avondale Neighborhood in Charleston, South Carolina.  Dynamic duo Lewis Dodson and Jessica Krofta partnered with long time friend Kris Kincaid and set out to open a boutique distillery.  The trio decided to create some truly delicious and original spirits. Hard work and the best, locally sourced ingredients; Cannon Distillery is proud to present their first line of products! Three vodkas, all of them perfect for any occasion!



(843) 996-4110



813A Savannah Highway

Charleston, SC 29407


Tours & Tastings

W-Sat 1p–7p



We call it grit vodka because the corn that we use comes from the world renowned Geechie Boy Mill. Located on Edisto Island in the Low Country of South Carolina, Geechie Boy Mill uses an antique stone ground mill to preserve the characteristics of their heirloom corn. They are famous for their grits; we hope to be famous for the vodka that we make from them! We mash and ferment the corn, then distill it seven times! The result is perfectly simple vodka!

Tasting Notes:  Residual sweetness on the nose and some caramelization on the tongue, no sugar has been added.  80 proof with little to no burn.



I’ll have a Chai Noon at High Noon!  Black tea leaves are cold steeped with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, black peppercorn, ginger and a splash of ginger juice. This delicious tea is then blended with 100% corn vodka and organic sugar. We are proud of the depth and charm of flavors that we achieved in this recipe!  At 65 proof Chai Noon is great on the rocks and bold enough to make a flavorful cocktail.

Tasting Notes: Bold but balanced, spiced yet sweet. Scents of Chai tea, cinnamon and clove; ripe ginger coasts the mouth and leaves a hint of pepper. The spirit and spices are in perfect unison, ideal for delicate cocktails and neat sipping.



Only three ingredients are used to make our Coffee Vodka; Coffee, Vodka and Sugar. Like the Early Bird, at Cannon Distillery we seek out only the finest! Our coffee is locally roasted just three miles away. We then coarsely grind the beans and immediately cold steep them. The coffee is then blended with organic sugar and 100% corn vodka. The result is a 65 proof robust and lovely coffee vodka that is perfect for any occasion. Morning, Noon or Night!

Tasting Notes:    Rich Dark Chocolate nose springs hazelnut and cashew on the tongue with a creamy caramel finish.  The perfect cup of coffee.